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  • RS 1 & 2 - Morgins
Dorf: Morgins
Name Shop: RS 1 & 2, Morgins
Eigentümer: RS, 1 & 2

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For a great winter holiday at the Morgins resort, make sure you have the best skiing equipment! For rentals, trust the sliding sports pros and pop in at our RS Equipement I store. Ideally located in the very heart of Morgins, the RS Equipement I store is a true Ali Baba cave if you're looking for inexpensive, state-of-the-art skiing equipment. The experienced RS Equipement I team makes a point of providing quality and personalised service to all our customers. Advance rentals are available. If you are more of a snowboarding type, RS Equipement I has a great selection of top-brand snowboards, and skiing shoes of every size! Tell us what you need, and we will find the right equipment for every budget. And don't forget to check our rental discounts from time to time!
Rent skis now at RS Equipement I

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